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Ronin R-18 – HD Sound Bass Earphone is ideal for exercise with highly appealing and impressive sound isolation within the ear tips.

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Ronin R-3 Ultra Bass Earphone
The R-3 Ultra bass Earphones are that rare find earphones that are good for basically all situations, whether you’re looking to take them out on a run or just wear them around town.

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Ronin R-525 High quality Clear Sound Earphone
Earbuds. Earphones. In-ear headphones. Whatever you call them, they’re undoubtably one of the most convenient ways to listen to your music

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Ronin R-725 Extreme Sound Earphone will probably be your first choice in workout ‘buds, or your first choice for better-sounding audio.

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Ronin R-9 Crystal clear sound Earphone whether you are commuting, travelling or heading to gym Ronin R-9 is your perfect partner.

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