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How To Choose Right Headphones!

Everybody loves music. But you don’t want to disturb others while listening to music, right? For this purpose, Ronin Pakistan has given us the gift of headphones. Headphones help us to enjoy music, motivate us to go through intensive gym sessions, entertain while driving, and whatnot. But you know what? Finding amazing headphones can be difficult for you. But here Ronin makes it easy for you.

See How!

First of all, you should select the headphone which comfortable with your device, what’s a type of headphones are fit for you, and fulfill your requirements.

Different Factors of Headphones

There are two different factors of headphones are mentioned below!


On-ear pods consist of foam and leather pads that sit fiat on your ear.





In-Ear headphone sits deep inside the canal, produce good sound quality and reduce noise distortions, and makes your music just for you.





Comparison between Wireless and Wired Headphones.







You’re free to roam not

Not free to move anywhere 

Having no cable to the plugin 

Have Cable to the plugin you

You have a charging facility

No battery to charge



Ronin Care for All - Gaming, Entertainment & Calling


Deep-bass. High Volume and built-in microphone.


Entertainment & Calling

Best for home-theaters, Music, sports, and workouts.

06 things you should keep in mind before buying a Headphone!

  • Durability
  • Comfort
  • Sound Quality
  • Portability
  • Brand
  • Warranty

Still not sure? 

No Problem, we are here to help you, Find the best-branded headphones here at Ronin. And if you’re still not sure which headphones are right for you, or if you have a question we didn’t answer, or a unique situation does not hesitate to pick up the phone and talk to us. 

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